Now Kids Guidelines



11:00 Service Only


Check in Process

Check in will be in the back hall in the Family Life Center. At check in, the child and all family members who are present will have their temperature taken. If anyone has a temperature of 99 degrees or higher, they will be asked to keep their children with them and return the following week. The child will also receive hand sanitizer at this table.


After screening and the family is cleared, the child attending will then receive a name tag. Wearing their name tag will let our workers know that the child has gone through the proper check in process. Children will be asked to please keep their name tags on. Parents will be given a matching security receipt. They will have to show it to the children’s church worker when they pick up their children after service. It will be matched to the name tag that the child is wearing. This is our new security procedure for the safety of the child attending. The receipt proves that they are the child’s parent or guardian and no one else can pick up the child without the security receipt.


The child will then be taken to their class. Chairs and tables in classrooms will be spaced 6 feet from each other to accommodate social distancing. We prefer that parents do not accompany their child to class so that we can maintain a higher degree of sanitation within the rooms, but we do understand if a child is apprehensive about going to a classroom, then the parent can take them. Once in the classroom, children will be assigned seats and will stay in their seats the entire service and do fun activities and games from their seats.


They will be allowed to use the restroom during class, but will be asked to wash their hands and use sanitizer again before being seated. They are not allowed to change seats and sit somewhere else once they have been seated. Service will be approximately 1 hour ending at 12:00 noon.


All snacks and water will be served to the child by volunteers wearing gloves and mask. Snacks will be in individual prepackaged servings. Water and cups will be provided in each classroom. We will not be using our water fountains at this time.


We will not be having the video game stations, basketball, foosball, air hockey at this time as these are high touch areas and hard to maintain social distancing.



Governor’s mandate requires face coverings for everyone ages 8 and older, but we leave it up to the parent to decide if their child wears one. Face masks can be removed when 6 foot social distancing can be maintained. (This applies to children attending and adults/youth serving in Children’s Church.)


We will not be in charge of a child’s mask while at children’s church. If the child removes it and leaves it lying around, it will be disposed of unless the child’s name is on it. Gloves will be worn to dispose of masks.


If a child gets sick during Children’s Church:

The child will be removed from their class and taken to Pastor Darrell or Gwen’s office. The parent will be located in the adult service and asked to come and get their child.


Our church family offers programs for children from birth through the 5th grade.


We have a professionally staffed nursery for children birth to 3 yrs old.


For Four year old through 5th graders there's NOW KIDS where your children will learn, laugh, and make friends all while learning about Jesus.


. Your children will be in a safe environment where they will have fun learning about Jesus. 


Visiting us for the first time? No fear! Our friendly VIP host will show you where our Kids Check-In is when you arrive. They will meet your family, check your child into class, and answer any questions you may have. We can't wait to meet you!


Volunteers at NOW KIDS are background checked and trained to create an atmosphere where families can confidently leave their children while they are in service. Additionally, the kids hallway is monitored by security personnel, as well as exterior security cameras.


Your kids will experience an age appropriate lesson that will teach them about God and His love for them. The teaching is interactive and utilizes multiple approaches for different learning styles. The goal at NOW KIDS is for kids to understand who Jesus is and how He can make a difference in their lives NOW and forever. They will also have a lot of fun!